The Women 's Place At Texas 's Children 's Hospital

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The Women’s Place at Texas’s Children’s Hospital, Pavilion for Women is dedicated to women’s reproductive health. Hormonal changes throughout pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy may affect the woman both emotional and physically. The Women’s Place serves as a program to treat the woman and her family at any point during the reproductive cycle. There are many disorders, issues, planning and management that The Women’s Place can assist with, including; Premenstrual dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), pre-pregnancy planning, infertility issues, fetal center and genetic counseling, prenatal care, psychiatric medication management, postpartum care, assistance during reproductive loss and grief and perimenopause and menopause. Although infection and hemorrhage are complications a woman can experience after delivery, mood and anxiety disorders are the number one complication after delivery. 80 percent of all new mothers studies have shown get some sort of “blues” soon after giving birth”. Pregnancy followed by labor and delivery is a long, tiring process. Mothers may feel overwhelmed with all of their new responsibilities regarding their newborn infant. It is expected for a mother to express feelings of doubt and concern. For the first two weeks after delivery, these feelings of depression are relatively normal as the body as adjusting to the numerous new roles and lack of sleep. “The mother experiences fatigue, changes in normal appetite and sleep patterns, feelings of worthlessness and…
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