The Women 's Rights Movement

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The women’s rights movement in the United States in the early –mid 19th century did not fail to accomplish its goals, as slavery was not an issue women wanted to resolve (address?) In the early-mid 19th century, some women began to demand change in American society (as they challenged the traditional roles of women politically, socially, and economically?) -political, social, and economic change {challenged the traditional views of women - pushed the boundaries – public sphere/life of women changed dramatically as a result of their reform efforts} - Political – obtain equal legal rights as men (including the right to vote) - Social {be treated equally, same educational opportunities}) - Economic (right to own property, job opportunities and equal pay for equal work) primary goals: improve women’s roles in society/Equality–women should possess the same rights as men Background information: Anti-slavery movement (primarily a male dominated reform, but many women supported this movement – devoted their time and effort to bring change For those women involved in the abolitionist movement, they started to draw parallels between slavery and the status of women in society. “both were expected to be passive, cooperative, and obedient. In addition, the legal status of both slaves and women were unequal to that of white men.” Quote: 's+rights+movement - Common struggles and limitations SOCIAL: DeLuzio, Crista.

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