The Women 's Rights Movement

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Historically speaking, women have never come before men; nor have we ever been considered as having more value to society than men. According to the Bible , Eve did not come into existence before Adam; she came from within him. She was made to be his companion through life, not his competitor. Until the twentieth century Women’s Rights Movement, women were rarely viewed as being in a position of power equivalent to that of a man. Their intelligence was also constantly under review, which left their opinions unaccounted for and lacking social merit. However, the depictions of the early modern French women by Suzannah Lipscomb, Leslie Tuttle, and Robert .I. Kalas beg to differ. Unafraid to venture outside the confines of a male-centered society, these women blurred gender and class lines in the pursuit of justice. With this essay, I hope to restablish the necessity of women, and their importance to the history of early modern France. From community influence and presence during one of France’s most volatile periods to the trial and error faced under male governance, early French modern women were not just seen; they were also heard. Using evidence she unearthed from cases found in the consistorial registers of the Reformed churches of southern France, and also with supporting works from other historians in the field, Suzannah Lipscomb’s essay “Crossing Boundaries: women’s gossip, insults, and violence in sixteenth century France”, summarized the early French modern woman

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