The Women 's Rights Movement

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Throughout history in the City of Detroit and across the globe, women have continuously proven to all that they are the backbone of society and are what allow everyone to prosper. They looked after our country and maintained the homeland during wartime, educate and nurture the children of the future and when necessary they lead movements such as the Women’s Rights Movement that solves problems in our country. Over the years in Detroit however, women have been victimized to lower graduation rates and higher divorce rates which has consequently left them helpless in their care for their kids. In fact, for the 2012 calendar year, 3 out of 5, 59.3%, of children live with only a single mother householder. Of that percentage, 42% of said families live below the poverty line and the rate continually increases. These numbers render themselves without the mentioning of Detroit’s second to none accruement of child deaths by virtue of violence or premature birth. As easily inferable, the well-being of marginalized women and children in the City of Detroit is not well at all. For a demographic that comprises a large portion of the population to live under such deplorable conditions is utterly mind-boggling and detrimental to Detroit’s economy. As this phenomenon continues, the City of Detroit is merely digging itself a bigger hole in terms of becoming prosperous as their youth and single mothers continue to live in a vicious cycle of poverty. To provide a scaffolding for the backbone

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