The Women 's Rights Movement

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Throughout American history, women have constantly been suppressed. It was believed overall that women were not supposed to work, but to stay home, cook, clean, make clothes, and take care of the child(ren). Basically, a woman was considered her husband’s property. It was not until 1920s that women were finally able to get the rights they deserve, such as birth control, new divorce laws, and ultimately the right to vote, which was the main focus of the Women’s Rights Movement. This movement consisted of many organizations, such as the National Woman Suffrage Association for example, coming together and holding protests, riots, and seminars where women were able to express their wants to politicians. Congress finally passing an amendment giving women the right to vote allowed them to get other things they deserved such as access to higher education and improved working conditions. Women prior to this, such as Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt, attempted to get women the rights they deserve. There were numerous social movements prior to the 1920s that attempted to get women’s’ rights recognized by the American government. They were the platform for the Women’s Rights Movements. Even though they are numerous women known for their efforts during the 18th and 19th centuries, they were never able to accomplish the goals that women suffrage activists accomplished in the 20th century. Women finally getting the right to vote gave them an unspoken confidence and a sense of

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