The Women 's Rights Movement

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Over a hundred years ago, one event created chaos among gender roles and here are some of the initial factors of how rights for women started as a predicament which later began to evolve into a much larger problem that involved many people around the nations. Over the course of history, many issues had change the world to what it has become today. Many problems led to social, economic, and other changes. One small event is able to cause more obstacles, which eventually leads to larger complications. Even though society had tried to resolve these issues, they still encountered many hardships that were disruptive to their own perspectives as also for other people within the community. Thus, this was an important issue because it had changed…show more content…
These issues had impacted mostly on women because they were all expected to work at home, also in factories only, since it was one of the best attributes for them. In the past few hundred years, many men thought that women were weak or fragile that women should not be allowed to work the same jobs as men. In the men 's perspectives, women were not capable of performing any of difficult that the men do because if women were able to do those, it would seem unmanly for them. Also, it makes the men looks much weaker and not as smart as they are, which is why women could not have equal rights as men. As time went on, women had slowly been given the opportunity to work the same jobs as men, but did not receive the same amount of pay. It was unfair for women to work for such a low wage. No matter how hard they tried to do the same as men, they did not get as much and had a much lesser amount of everything in comparison to men. On the year of 2009 of January 29, our previous president, Barack Obama signed a legislature known as, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The case was first filed to court because the name of the woman, Lilly Ledbetter had found out that her employer was paying her less than the men even though they were working at the same job. “To make sure that people can effectively challenge unequal pay, the law President Obama signed shortly after taking office amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 so that unfair pay complaints can be

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