The Women 's Rights Movement

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Time Inc. reports that “as the attitude towards victims has improved over the last several years in the broader culture and by police, self-blame and shame has persisted among victims, leaving them just as unwilling to come forward.”(Gray. para. 10) The women’s rights movement is still going strong, and there have been major accomplishments for women within the last several decades. In 1968, the fair housing act made it no longer possible for a woman to be turned down by a landlord based solely on her being female. In 1986, the legal definition of ‘sexual harassment’ was adopted into law by the U.S. supreme court. Step by step changes are made and each victory is to be celebrated. This excerpt from the case of Catchpole v. Brannon clearly shows how a court will attempt to make a victim feel that she put herself in a position to be raped: "THE WITNESS: I had forgiven him. I didn 't hold a grudge. And then he told me he had a wife. I mean, all fear 's [sic] flew out of my head then. To me, a wife and kids meant a complete family, um, safety, and he was just inviting me over to — "THE COURT: But couldn 't you have easily said, `No, not tonight. I 'm tired. I have got to go to school tomorrow. I 'll talk about it later. ' Why not? Why didn 't you say that? "THE WITNESS: I — "THE COURT: You don 't know? "THE WITNESS: I didn 't feel that I could. (Leagle) In this case the appellant, Marie Catchpole, asserted claims of sexual harassment, assault and battery, and intentional and

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