The Women 's Rights Movement

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Feminist have only ever wanted one thing, to be treated equally as their male counterparts. In school settings the only part of the women’s rights movement that is really discussed is the suffrage movement. There were a lot of women involved in the fight for equality, Susan B Anthony being the most recognized today. There is a hidden American history to the women’s rights movement, women of color were equally involved as white women. As Terrell once stated, “A white woman has only one handicap to overcome, a great one, true, her sex; a colored woman faces two-her sex and her race” (Conger). Women of color have been active, present voice within feminism, despite American history not giving them credit. Feminism was separated into waves, the first, second, and third wave. Before it was called the first feminism, it was called the women’s rights movement. This movement began in the 1830s. First wave feminism is mostly known for women gaining the right to vote. During this time, Susan B. Anthony along with Elizabeth Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage wrote a 1500-page anthology called The History of Women’s Suffrage (Conger). Out of all the women who helped write a piece of it, only one was a woman of color; Sojourner Truth. Women were also fighting for the right to claim land, have trade rights or any other kind of economic freedom. These were important issues to women, but women of color had more other issues they were trying to combat other than just economic oppression. They

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