The Women 's Suffrage Movement

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Life for women before August 18th,1920, was unequal to men (Adams, page 11).
They did not have the right to vote nor were they able take action in anything. They also did not have a say in anything surrounding them. Government decisions were only taken by men. As years went by, women felt the need that they had to have a say in stuff. Today nearly fifty percent of the population in the United states are Women according to census. Considering that the average woman takes part of governmental elections, it is no surprise that women have such a big influence in the government side. An investigation into the terrific events surrounding the famous Women 's suffrage movement, one of the most important events for women will clearly show the
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After both of the ladies were being denied participation in the convention, they were livid. Stanton and Mott spent most of their extra time coming up with ideas for the Women’s convention that would be the first of its kind. Even though Mott and Stanton discussed of the first women’s convention, it did not take place until eight years after they had came up with an agreement, which made this women convention finally happen from 1840 to 1848 (Adams, Page 14).
In attempt to be able to change laws and allowing the married women to own their own property, Stanton gave some public speeches and had spoken to members of the New York Legislature. The Women’s rights convention was on july 19th-20th and was located in Seneca Falls, New York (Adams, Page 17). At Least 40 of the 300 people that had attended this, were none other than men (Adams, Page 17). One of those men was Frederick Douglas, Douglas was a former slave and an abolitionist. He was with the argument to give women the rights that they needed. He had stated that “without women, they would have no way of protecting their rights or to make changes in the laws (Adams, Page 17).” Sixty-eight women and thirty-two men had signed the declaration at the end of the convention (Adams, Page 17). Susan B. Anthony kept the women’s movement moving the right direction. Anthony also went around the country giving speeches that were written by Stanton. She was a very dedicated person when it came to problems like this.
One of the
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