The Women’S Rights Convention Took Place In Seneca Falls,

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The Women’s Rights Convention took place in Seneca Falls, New York 1848. This was the first ever women’s rights convention in the United States, and with almost 200 women in attendance. This convention was organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Kelly Stanton, who were both abolitionists that met at the 1840 World Anti-Slavery Convention in London. In 1848 at Elizabeth Stanton’s home near Seneca Falls, the two women, Mott and Stanton, were working with Martha Wright, Mary Ann McClintock and Jane Hunt, to send out a call for a women’s conference to be held at Seneca Falls. On July 19, 1848, 200 women gathered at the Wesleyan Chapel. Stanton read the “Declaration of Sentiments and Grievances”, something she had written over the previous…show more content…
Women began entering male dominated professions such as law, medicine, clergy and corporate. Women also began to commence several new institutions. The suffrage movement allowed for women to fix their place in society and take a closer step to full equality of people in America. After the suffrage movement, women’s economic roles increased in society. Since there were now more educational opportunities, it led more and more women to find and use their potential for meaningful and professional careers. Women 's salaries also increased but not to the amount men had received. However, this was still a huge achievement for women because it was such a huge step from what it had been before. The resistance of giving women the right to vote began to cease when the territorial legislature of Wyoming granted women the vote in 1869; it was the first permanent suffrage law in U.S. history. By the 1890’s many states had granted suffrage. By 1913 there were 12 states and the National Woman’s Party, under leadership of Alice Paul, decided to harness the voting power of women in those states to push a suffrage resolution through congress. The country’s involvement in WWI needed the help of women; which then provided the suffragists their power. When the U.S. entered the war in 1917, a woman’s suffrage amendment was submitted into the House of Representatives. By 1919, it was passed by both houses of
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