The Women's Liberation Movement

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Beginning in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century women began to vocalize their opinions and desires for the right to vote. The Women’s Suffrage movement paved the way to the nineteenth Amendment in the United States Constitution that allowed women that right. The Women’s Suffrage movement started a movement for equal rights for women that has continued to propel equal opportunities for women throughout the country. The Women’s Liberation Movement has sparked better opportunities, demanded respect and pioneered the path for women entering in the workforce that was started by the right to vote and given momentum in the late 1950s. The focus of The Women’s Liberation Movement was idealized off The Civil Rights Movement; it …show more content…
In America the Women’s Liberation movement has been embraced by how women are valued for more than baring children, but we often do not consider the ramifications the transition has had on our society.
Feminist Marlene Dixon has said that although women have done wonderful work in ending oppression for themselves, oppression still exist, only in psychological sense of the word. Dixon writes, “Individualized struggles between men and women around the oppressive attitudes and objective sexual and social privileges” is the consequence of the psychological oppression that is taking place in the minds of women, and men, who are being hyper sexualized in the need for attention. Taking into consideration the amount of emphasis is placed on a woman’s sex appeal Dixons ideas cannot be disregarded. With women increasing their assets in the work force and decreasing a mans need in relationships, women are marketing their bodies to prove that they are still can be desirable and relying on the opposite sex. By allowing ourselves to be used as sexual properties in advertising it is giving men and other women the notion that women are only desirable if they can be physically attracted to the masses. As feminist, and women these sexual barriers need to be brought down to emphasize that
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