The Womens March : The Corruption Of The Women's March

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The Women’s March was a protest that took place in multiple cities across the world on January 21, 2017, the day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated. The march was organized for a number of issues going on surrounding the Trump administration. The participants advocated human, LGBTQ, reproductive, and women’s rights along with other issues such as immigration and healthcare reform, racial equality, religious freedom, and workers’ rights. The march took place because of the current social and political climate surrounding the inauguration of President Trump. This date was chosen because the inauguration of President Trump, who was threatening the rights of all the different groups. It gave everyone a new drive and force to push towards equality and freedom. This march shows how feminism has changed greatly over the years and it is a strong example of intersectional feminism. Feminism served as a unifying force in the past and it still is, as shown in such a large protest. Even more than basic rights and equality for oppressed groups, these protesters fought for reproductive rights, something falling under feminism and women’s rights. Trump’s campaign outlined the defunding and/or takeaway of healthcare and Planned Parenthood, two events sparking much debate and controversy among the citizens of the United States. Many different ethnicities, races, and religions have been targeted ever since Trump’s campaign began. Feminism has transformed over the years. At first,
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