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The women’s movement had been characterized by women's wish to acquire equal legal status to men by obtaining civil and political rights recorded in the Constitution and legislation. In Romania, the first wave of the feminist movement had been held simultaneously with the women’s movement in West, and it had been a movement of the elite, educated women with access to international information. An important period of this movement was before the establishment of the Romanian Constitution in 1923. It was the most democratic Constitution and women started an intense activity of lobbying for their rights until 1947. Between 1947 and 1989 Romania was pushed under Soviet influence by the Red Curtain, and the feminist activity was eradicated. …show more content…
As a mother women had lost their legal civil rights in family planning. An article by Nicolaescu (1994) showed that pro-natality policies during 60s, 70s and 80s used women as ‘demographic bodies’ because the totalitarian regime controlled women’s reproductive lives. Through pro-natality policies, the Communist regime had the aim of rising the birthrate using women’s bodies, respectively to increase the population of Romania. Women had lost their rights in family planning, and were forced to become mothers without their consent. The situation became insupportable for women particularly in 1986, when women were pressed to have children by law, and the Communist Party had introduced a target of five children per family. Although the socialist discourses promoted the equality between genders, women had been subject to financial and legal pressure in the world of payed work. Furthermore, it was a structural discrimination in the labour market under socialism because women had held less skilled and low-wage jobs, and less occupational opportunities. This has been contributed considerably to the increased number of women working only in labour intensive industries, and sectors such as education, finance and health had been feminized.

Another cause of the women’s movement was the lack of their political rights. For the first time in 1929 Romanian women got the right to vote as a

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