The Women's Movement Essay

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The Women's Movement
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The women’s movement began in the nineteenth century when groups of women began to speak out against the feeling of separation, inequality, and limits that seemed to be placed on women because of their sex (Debois 18). By combining two aspects of the past, ante-bellum reform politics and the anti-slavery movement, women were able to gain knowledge of leadership on how to deal with the Women’s Right Movement and with this knowledge led the way to transform women’s social standing (Dubois 23). Similarly, the movement that made the largest impact on American societies of the 1960’s and 1970’s was the Civil Right Movement, which in turn affected the women’s movement (Freeman 513). According to
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So, it laid the whole ground work for the choices I made. That it had to be a choice because you couldn’t do both, because that’s the way it was presented," commented Cole.

Making the decision early on to go to college was not easy for Cole. She recalls in one visit to her guidance counselor that the counselor asked Cole why she was taking hard classes and before Cole had time to respond the counselor implied that Cole was taking the classes because that was where the boys were.

In 1970 when Cole entered college she became a member of NOW (National Organization of Women). Cole entered NOW expecting to take a stand for all women. The key phrase in the previous sentences is- all women, which is one of the main reasons Cole dropped out of NOW. NOW only seemed to take a stand for women going into college or going into the work force, not for the women that choose to go to work and start a family. That may seem surprising to some considering that some of NOW’s founders were mothers who had families. According to Cole, "Women who were married or were wives were not included in any of the women’s movement. They were said not to be modern women." In the present day NOW has realized its mistake in not including all women and the organization has tried to go back and correct the problem with many married women, but the women have chosen to have no part of NOW because some feel as though they weren’t included then and they did just fine, why be included

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