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The Women's Rights Movement "History looks different when the contributions of women are included." -the National Women's History Project Throughout history, society has impacted the lifestyle of the individual. Change in society has a particular impact on the individual. During the Vietnam era, change in society was drastic. Many movements began during this time period. One of these was the escalation of the Women’s' Liberation Movement. Women's rights was always a concern, but during the Vietnam era it grew and spread across the nation. Many laws, court cases, and organizations reflected the social change of the era. During the Vietnam era, these social changes ultimately affected the lives of individual women. They touched…show more content…
Not only were women looking for equal pay, they wanted the opportunity to do the same work as men. Court cases were common, and produced many helpful outcomes. In 1965, the Weeks vs. Southern Bell decision resulted in women breaking into fields that were previously exclusively male.5 This enabled many women to apply for, and possibly obtain positions that were previously unavailable to them. In Bowe vs. Colgate-Palmolive in 1969, the Supreme Court ruled that women meeting the physical requirements of male-only jobs were now eligible.6 In addition, the Civil Service Commission eliminated height and weight requirements for police, park service, and fire fighting jobs in 1973.7 These court cases enabled women to apply for jobs that were previously unavailable to them. They were able to work in the jobs that they wanted, and enjoyed. Federally Employed Women, an organization founded to end discrimination against women in civil service jobs, began its work in 1968.8 It helped women who were discriminated against in the workplace find the jobs that they wanted. All of these organizations enabled women to work where they pleased, if they were capable of performing the job. The individual woman saw these changes in

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