Essay on The Women's Suffrage Movement

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California women and men worked tirelessly to strengthen the women’s suffrage campaign from 1893, when the state legislature passed an amendment permitting women to vote in state elections, through the final passage of the amendment in 1911. The strength of the movements themselves, passionate support overcoming harsh opposition, pushed by the people and the organizations championing for the women’s vote were the main contributing factors which accumulated in the eventual passage of Amendment 8. Since California women have begun to vote, there have been many advancements and setbacks in the other women’s rights movements, including the Nineteenth Amendment and the Equal Rights Amendment.
In 1849, California entered the United States as a state. Less than fifty years later, in 1893, the state legislature approved an amendment allowing women to vote in state elections. According to the Women of the West Museum, a museum dedicated to sharing the accomplishments of women in the western United States, “it [the amendment] was vetoed by the governor who thought it was unconstitutional” (Women of the West Museum). Just three years after its first defeat, women’s right to vote was put into a state referendum. It was again defeated, this time by the voting public in a wide margin (Women of the West Museum). This defeat brought even more determination to the women’s suffrage movement, women, men, and organizations worked together to ensure the franchisement of women. This time, the…