The Wonderful Life Changing Term

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There is something important that occurs all around us on a day-to-day basis. This something changes who we are, how we behave, and what we are to become. We often take this for granted because it is so common. It is extremely important to us because it changes everyone’s life, every single day. This something involves ideas that are combined between cultures, it occurs in places where you are connected, and it requires that you must overcome the fear of failure. What is this something I mention? It is the wonderful life changing term that we call innovation.

We often think of innovation as the introduction of new things or methods, but we tend to forget all that goes into introducing these new things or methods. You see there is the thought of a basic idea; and then there is the thought of ideas having sex. Matt Ridley, an author, discusses how we as a species become more prosperous as we become more populous. He states, “What we 've done in human society, through exchange and specialization, is we 've created the ability to do things that we don 't even understand. It 's not the same with language. With language we have to transfer ideas that we understand with each other. But with technology, we can actually do things that are beyond our capabilities. ("When Ideas Have Sex." Matt Ridley: Accessed August 28, 2016. With innovation you initially need an idea, then you need a partner to share this idea with. Within the collaboration of ideas…
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