The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz By Frank Baum

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Firstly, before examining about “Alice in Wonderland”, I would like to discuss about “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” which was the first American fairy tale, written by Frank Baum. Baum was very invested in the triumph posited by rationalistic notions of Manifest Destiny and the heroism of the Frontier. He wanted to have the children to be proud of the story of how the settlers were conquering the land of the natives at that time and constructing the uniquely American identity. This objective of establishing the ideal American citizens through this story was embodied by Dorothy and her companions. There, characteristics such as intelligent, empathetic and courageous were presented as ideal American traits and how Dorothy’s bravely controlled control of her own destiny and successfully successful went return back home was were a representations of America’s wonderful “manifest destiny”. Also he wanted to separate the self which referred to the settlers and the other which referred to the native Indians and make it seem that the settlers were superior and the native Indians were evil since this will help the readers to think that it is okay to conquer the land of the native Indians because they are evil. I think Baum used the Wicked Witch of the West here to do so. He depicted the Witch of the West as wicked and evil and put it outside the realm of viable citizenship. Also in the end of the story, the Wicked Witch was destroyed by Dorothy which was reflecting the brave,…
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