The Wonders of Vitamin C Essay

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We live in a society in which we are in a state of constant fear of diseases. From when we are young we are taught repeatedly to wash our hands before every meal and to eat an apple daily. Moreover, we are catechized on a regular basis to bundle up so we do not catch a cold or pneumonia. Likewise, our doctors advise us to visit them annually to make sure we don’t have deficiency related disorders such as scurvy or anemia. What if there is a vitamin that could aid in preventing the aforementioned illnesses? Would it not be worth a try? Consider this an introduction to vitamin C! Details on this “wonder vitamin” are elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs! Several unique attributes distinguish vitamin C from other substances. Vitamin C is…show more content…
INDIRECT QUOTE. Lastly, the nutrient is easily found in the livers of beef and calves as well as in seafood such as oysters (Nicolaou & Montagnon, 2008). Next, we will discuss why vitamin C is critical for existence. Vitamin C is crucial for survival for several reasons. For a human body to reach the acme of its physical potential, it must have a daily intake of vitamin C. Deficiency can lead to a fatal symptom known as scurvy. Likewise, iron absorption will be more difficult resulting in iron-deficiency anemia (Smith, Primio & Humphrey-Murto, 2011). However, this nutrient is essential for bodily functions as well. Vitamin C is required for hormone production which is seen by the fact that the highest concentration of it in the human body is in the pituitary and adrenal glands (Emsley, 2004). Moreover, this vitamin aids in protection against free radicals and stress. Vitamin C is also imperative because it assists in the growth of various body parts, including teeth, cartilage, and dentine. This acid is integral for bone development and to heal fractured or broken bones. As said before, “Vitamin C is important in the absorption and metabolism of many nutrients that affect production of red blood cells”, including iron absorption (Smith, Primio, & Humphrey-Murto, 2011). DIRECT QUOTE WITHOUT AUTHOR. Similar to its importance to humans, vitamin C is vital for plant life as well. Plants require the alcohol for growth processes.
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