The Wood Is A Coming Of Age Story

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The Wood The movie, The Wood is a coming of age story about three friends, Roland, Slim, and Mike, who grew up in Inglewood “The Wood”, California and the memories they made as children all the way into adulthood. Inglewood was filled with middle class people. Together the boys experience the struggles of being a teenage boy. The journey of the three boys’ friendship is depicted through a series of flashbacks between past and present tense, starting from the moment they met up until the moment they send Roland off into a new life with his bride to be. The movie focuses immensely on the theme of love, the love they have for each other as brothers, the love they have for the women in their lives, and the love they have for The Wood. Back when they were in middle school the three boys met, after Mike’s family moved there from North Carolina. From the beginning, Roland and Slim picked on Mike and singled him out for being new. Mike did not play ball or gang bang so, fit right in for the fact that he was not of the “norm” in Inglewood according to Slim and Roland. Asking Mike numerous of questions Roland and Slim eventually took Mike under their wing and showed him how to survive life in The Wood using a series of rules. From that day forth the three made that brotherly bond and were inseparable. With the help of Roland and Slim, Mike soon came out of his shell and started to get the hang of how everyday life went in Inglewood, California went. Their brotherhood was powerful in
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