The Wood - Original Writing

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Mother was bending her back to wipe the kitchen table: cracked, crevices filled with leftovers, the oak wood of the table had matured alongside the Dick and Jane family. The legs of the table had been abused with the beatings of young feet while the floor remained unscratched since their tiny legs still dangled to this day.

The parcel was delivered at noon, nestled in the back of the delivery truck it took a left, followed by an immediate right onto what was once the busiest street in town. A street that was lined with bustlers. A street once filled with life and hope. A street now empty, the shops all lonely and begging for business. It was off of Main Street that the Johnson family had settled and planted their roots.

Unlacing the
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The contents of the box pieced together an epic love story. The photographs had crisped with the ocean 's breeze and curled at the edges. The letters tear stained and laced with regret for leaving this woman on the platform that day. Together, the letters and photos told a story of a young man who was drafted out to sea, leaving his lover behind. Years passing, she remained ingrained in his memory, love growing fonder with time, but sadly he grew out of hers. A more recent love letter read, “I have lived long enough to know that the love we shared cannot be replicated”. It was evident that this letter had been written in amid frustration and desperation. The tip of the pen had ripped through the delicate veins of the paper and tears had caused the ink to bleed out. A love so strong had sailed across the seven seas with him, and now we wanted to find her again.
It was at this moment Kyle arrived home from high school. The kitchen table had morphed itself into a scrapbook of this epic love story, all the happiest moments collaged across the surface. Kyle himself was seventeen and falling for his first love. Overwhelmed by the feelings poured out in the letters, he retreated to his bedroom to maintain his ‘manly’ persona. Erica hopped off the bus soon after and rushed into the house immediately. At the impressionable age of eight, Erikas main focus was on herself and she could hardly wait to
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