The Woods Annotation

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The introduction to my poem is a scene of two kids playing in the woods. It’s meant to illustrate their unadulterated friendship, and introduce the forest as a place of comfort due to childhood memories. After they say goodbye, I decided to make the scene reveal to be a flashback because I wanted it to be a sharp change to a changed and nostalgic present. Also, portraying the opening scene as a flashback provides an exposition of both the characters’ relationship, and of the forest, which serves a great purpose in the narrative, providing a place of comfort for the characters. I portrayed the introduction as a flashback primarily through the first stanza in the boy’s point of view, specifically the word “reverie” showing how it was a daydream, and “fond” portraying how he felt very warmly about the memory.…show more content…
The section entirely in the girl’s perspective builds tension through the description of her inner torment, which is also portrayed as an inner conflict. Predictably, her inner torment consists of many negatively connotated words and phrases, such as “Miserable souls, nightmares coming to life” and “empty anguishes”. These heavily connotated phrases create tension as the storyline increases in intensity and the arc continues. In contrast, when the final resolution is being reached, the mood becomes more calming, partially also due to the change in perspective, but also because the girl has reached an inner resolution of sorts, as she remains comforted in the oak tree of her childhood. Specifically, the phrase in the second to last line, “quiet in the stillness of the trees” portrays a calming and tranquil scene, and it dissolves the tension found previously in the
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