The Woods Essay

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Jack was steaming mad. He had just had yet another fight with his mom about wasting food and was heading to the old tree house in the woods. They were always fighting about wasting food. He saw where she was coming from. They were pretty tight on cash, but if she was so intent on not wasting food why didn't she eat it. He was sitting at the foot of the abandoned tree house, drawing a dragon in the sand, when he suddenly felt the overwhelming need to go deeper into the woods. He knew he shouldn’t go. There were dangerous animals like wolves and bears in the woods, but he had to. Some hidden force was calling to him. He had to go regardless of the dangers. The force was too strong. Resistance was futile. He got up and went. He went deeper…show more content…
He went to cross the rotting rope bridge. As soon as he got to the middle the bridge fell. Jack was plunged into the ice cold water and pulled downstream. He struggled to get out of the water but the current was too strong. He sensed an upcoming waterfall and used the last of his strength but it was not enough to pull himself out of the stream. He flew over the water fall and passed out. He had no idea how long he was out but when he woke up it was daytime and he was on dry land. It looked as if someone or something had dragged him out of the water. Then he realized that he was in a completely different world than before. There were little fairies flying around his head. He wondered where he was for a while just laying there. Then he realized he must be dreaming. In a little while he would wake up in his own bed, but if he was dreaming then why did he hurt so much. Some of the little fairies had grouped around his head. He tried to wave them away and one of them bit him. A searing pain went all the way through his left arm from his finger tips to his shoulder. He decided it was definitely not a dream. The fairies helped him up and told him to go and defeat the beast. He asked them what beast but they would not tell him. He left fearing if he stayed too long they would bite him again. His left arm was already half paralyzed and swelling up. He got out of the meadow and was standing up agenst a tree looking at the bite. Then an arrow went into the tree right above

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