The Woods Paragraph

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The Time I Was Up in Lake of The Woods I was about 14 years old, at this time and what I’m about to tell you is the scariest, but most fun experience I had while I was up in Lake of the woods. Me and my grandparents were just packing up to go and get on the road to lake of the woods. I could feel the nice warm, not so humid, air that wisped around my body. I knew at that moment it was going to be a good day/ I thought so anyway. Finally, we were on the road, at about 4 a.m. to get up to upper Minnesota around 8 a.m. I feel asleep right away, until we stopped at Drayton to go to the bathroom, and get some grub. Literally, just pulled on to the interstate while going around 75mph with a boat on, suddenly we swerved and the boat, and us we…show more content…
Bacon cheeseburger, side of fries, and a milkshake. I was living in heaven, until I got a really bad stomach ache, like really bad. I guess well this is what my grandma told me was that I ate to much food, and started to throw-up all over the place, while other people were eating, I guess I was living in heaven for too long. Everyone looked at me in disgust. I felt so embarrassed and I felt so bad to the other people that were eating. I cleaned myself up and started to get ready for the hopefully nice day out on the lake. My grandma had her cousins and brother coming up the next day for a little fishing competition. We had to get out on the lake/ rainy river, to find where the walleye are at. My grandpa took us to the place where they usually put in the boat, but what they didn’t know was that it was way too shallow for the boat. My grandpa put my grandma and I in the water, barely getting out away from the dock. When smack we got stuck in the mud. Couldn’t use the big 300 horsepower Suzuki motor to get us out. Had to use the trolling motor to get out. Finally, we got out, and took our time getting to the river. The river was nice and calm. It was a smooth and interesting ride. The ride was very naturistic. I saw a lot of cool animals, and trees. I was riding in the back, when I saw some bright, but dark blue silos. I thought hey maybe those silos will be a nice place to fish, but of course it’s on the Canada side and I don’t have a
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