The Woodstock Music Festival in 1969

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Woodstock 1969 In August of 1969 at Bethel,New York, Woodstock was born. The three day festival was full of music,art,peace,love and crazy dancing. Woodstock was one of the most historic events of the 60's. Woodstock was a large event in the 1960’s that had both positive and negative events. At the festival many musicians that we call legends today performed at this festival and the ones who turned it down not knowing how big it was going to turn out sooner regretted it. The festival became so popular it led the modern generation to create events similar to it. Woodstock only was supposed to be a maximum of 150,000 people but over half a million showed up. And by the end of the three day event, thousands of people left with a greater aspect and viewpoint on life. Woodstock was originally supposed to be held in the small town of Woodstock,New York and it was supposed to be a recording studio because in the late 60's many people from all over moves there to become musicians. For the studio to get built, a music festival was going to be held, and the ticket sells, we're going to go towards building the Woodstock studio (Perone,23) . Since the city of Woodstock denied their permission the great festival was held at the Max Lasgurs dairy farm in Bethel,New York on August 15-17, 1969, the farm was 600 acres of land. They kept the name "Woodstock" because the creators of the event wanted to still build the studio in Woodstock. Since they only expected a few thousand to come to the

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