The Word Attachment Defined By The Merriam Webster

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The word attachment defined by the Merriam Webster is a strong feeling of affection or loyalty for someone or something. Meaning that we grow a connection with somebody or a substance that is valuable about having sentiment. As an infant, we tend to attach ourselves to an individual or something that is prized in our life and by doing so, affixing it in our life. However, the logic behind linking oneself to an individual or an object, is crucial to why it is significant in our life is questioned, how are we attached to it, the reasons for its importance to why it is vital in our life, in addition, the experiences behind the impact of attachment. In this paper, we will be analyzing the process of attachment, it’s relevance to our life, and our understanding revolving around this peculiar feeling of attachment. As mentioned before, attachment is defined as a strong feeling of affection or loyalty for someone or something. However, the background in the process of attachment is vigorous. As a human, it is traditional to be fixed over a character drawn by curiosity or fondness of that person. On the contrary, attachment can lead to many different responses on to why they attach to you, one might have a bond between both partners while on the other hand, one can vary due to the fact, that one individual can be attached without sharing their emotions to the other person. Although this may be true in some cases, the process of attachment has three strides. The first step of
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