The Word History Transformation of Marriage - Answers

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חוברת למידה-Part 1
(בקורס המתוקשב : לומדה –Part 1 )

ניתן להיעזר בטיפים שנמצאים באתר ליד הממ"ן The World Historical Transformation of Marriage

Eye-catching features
1. Check (() the eye-catching features that appear in this text. source of the text date of publication
√ title
√ subtitle or information under the title author’s name biographical information about the author
√ section headings which divide the text into different topics
√ bold or italicized letters enlarged quotes tables/graphs/charts/maps/ pictures captions bibliography/ references/further reading
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Questions based on the Introduction (paragraphs 1-6)
5a. According to paragraphs 1 – 3, there are features of modern family life that are not really new. List 5 such features. Be specific. 1. The Women has the right to ask for divorce. 2. Many single women can now support themselves & their children. 3. Women have the same legal rights as anyone else. 4. People decide when and if to have children. 5. The rise of new form of living together.
b. Based on par. 1 – 3, what is different between past and present societies regarding family life?
The difference is that, the society now becomes more flexible and fairer specially after giving women the equal legal right.
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6a. According to the text, which of the following are associated with the modern revolution in marriage? Check (() the 7 correct answers. √( nowadays women can legally ask for divorce √( many single women can now support themselves and their children ( women now have the same rights as men ( flexible forms of cohabitation √( people decide for themselves when and if to have children ( childlessness often leads to divorce √( many couples prefer not to stay together √( people marry later √( married or not, women have the same legal rights as anyone else √( taking on adult responsibilities (5 points)

b. How did the "revolution" affect the

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