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שם הסטודנט________________________ ת"ז ___________ חומר הלימוד למטלה: חוברת למידה-Part 1 (בקורס המתוקשב : לומדה –Part 1 ) ניתן להיעזר בטיפים שנמצאים באתר ליד הממ"ן The World Historical Transformation of Marriage Eye-catching features 1. Check (() the eye-catching features that appear in this text. source of the text date of publication √ title √ subtitle or information under the title author’s name biographical information about the author √ section headings which divide the text into different topics √ bold or italicized letters enlarged quotes tables/graphs/charts/maps/ pictures captions bibliography/ references/further reading (2 points) Skimming and…show more content…
b. Following this break, why did people start demanding the right to divorce? You may need to infer part of the answer. In case of feeling unsatisfied couples start demanding the right to divorce because the marriage now days is more optional, and flexible as well as they are sharing the equal legal rights. (7 points) 9a. On what point does the author agree with social conservatives? • The author agrees that marriage has been tremendously weakened as an institution. • The author agrees that the monopoly of marriage is breaking down and that this poses tremendous social challenges. b. Why does the author believe that we should not force people back into the older forms of marriage? The author believe that we should not force people back into the older forms of marriage, because the main things that have weakened marriage as an institution are the same things that have strengthened marriage as a relationship. (7 points) Questions based on: Adapting better to new forms of marriage (paragraphs 18-19) 10. The author compares the revolution in marriage to the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. What is her purpose? The purpose of the comparison is to show how both of them is not reversible. Ex.(There is no way to force either men or women to get married / stay married) (4 points) 11. Read paragraph 19. a. The "Bible Belt" refers to a region in the US in

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