The Word Of Belief Is Someone 's Feeling That Something?

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The word of belief is someone’s feeling that something is surely true and right in his or her point of view; in other words, it means “conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence” (Merriam-Webster). Also, the word of agreement defines as “an act of agreeing,” or it is a situation when people have the same opinion (Merriam-Webster). These two words are a two-edged sword that means they basically have both advantages and disadvantages in themselves. They bring about an integration of people by which leading to a new society if people have the same beliefs and agreements. On the other hand, belief and agreement deeply contribute to a huge, difficult, and complicated arguing issue when two groups of people disagree with each other. One of the significant issues that have been disputed and argued since in the past is an abortion. A lot of people are deep in thoughts and pose a question about this problem that a woman should whether have a right to choose the abortion or not. And this question certainly indicates some different results in three groups. The first group of people mainly has a few percents of entire American populations who agrees that women have their own rights to choose abortion in the case of some dangerous risks, such as getting raped and being unhealthy. In addition, the second group of people is Pro-Life who insistently tries to abolish and to prevent any act of
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