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Curse words have been tabooed by society for hundreds of years now with many dating back to the early 1300’s. Since then, there have been some changes, but for the most part, the most popular words have stayed the same. One of the most popular curse words is “shit.” In modern language as a verb the word means to defecate, while as a noun, it takes on the role of feces. The power of a word is the effect that it has on the language and also the context in which the word fulfills. Throughout history, the word “shit” has been labeled as a curse word in society because of its effect as a word in certain context and the connection associated. But over a few hundred years, the word has lost some of its power. The word “shit” should not be considered a swear word because the word is overused in modern language and is therefore desensitized to the public and is used in modern language in ways that differ from why it is considered a curse word in the first place. Why are curse words bad? What makes words such as shit, fuck, and bitch so insulting in society? Well, some words throughout history were created for the sole purpose of being offensive and insulting. Because of this, a social stigma was created against these words thus giving them the label of “curse words.” However, in some cases, these words become practical. Dysphemisms are words that take a topic that is appropriate or pleasant and make the topic sound more unpleasant. They use a very unpleasant word, often curse words
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