The Word Perseverance Is Necessary For The Lack Of Perseverance

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Everyday, people struggle to get through simple tasks due to the lack of perseverance. Merriam Webster 's dictionary definition for the word perseverance is “a continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.” In terms of usage, perseverance is used as a noun that comes from Latin origin with per- meaning through, and severus- meaning sever. Synonyms of the word consist of persist or to carry on, while antonyms are to give up or to quit. Perseverance is an important trait due to the fact that without it, nothing will get achieved. As soon as you run into trouble you will show weakness and just give up. Temple Grandin, a woman with autism never gave up. She had to process the world in a different way…show more content…
A second example from Temple Grandin would be when she could not figure out how to build a model of a distorted house. Temple tried many different designs and failed many different times. But that is how she got her results. Trial and error states that you need to fail before you can succeed. That is how her life was and how ours should be. Temple came across hurdles but she leaped over the top of them all because eventually with enough time and effort, she succeeded. She thrived in the face of adversity by continuing to try them over and over again. At this rate nothing could stop her. She used the haters and motivation and fuel to keep the fire inside her heart burning. They all doubted her and said she would never accomplish anything, she ended up proving them all wrong. Now just as Temple Grandin was an inspiration to us all, so is another woman named Melba Pattillo Beals. Melba was one of the first nine african american students to integrate an all white school. So as you can imagine, the citizens and parents of the Little Rock High School were not happy about the integration. A quote on page 167 from the book, Warriors Don’t Cry says, “The boys were brash and bold, behaving as if they feared no consequences.” This quote shows how terribly treated Melba was. She was cussed at, physically abused, burned, spit on, and just broken down to the bone. But she didn’t let it get to her. It shows the author 's purpose because Melba would not show weakness.
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