The Word Race Essay

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When people are faced with a questionnaire, they are generally faced with the question of their race, and they hardly ever stop ask or wonder why that should matter, the fact is that it does, and given our popular usage of the term, it shouldn’t. Throughout this paper, my goal is to prove to you why the use of the word ‘race’ in our current understanding is ultimately dangerous, to convince you to ask why such a thing should even be asked, and to call census coordinators to either help in the reformation of the word race, or to ask questions that are more meaningful than skin color or heritage, but that may serve to take the place of that term. The brash truth is that you, as a citizen of the United States in particular, have the power to ask why you are being subjected to such questioning, and you very well may find that reasons for such questioning are much more devious than you would have previously believed. Throughout my research of this topic, I’ve examined six different academic sources, some to prove as examples of the negativity that the current use of the word ‘race’ can bring, and others as the opposing sides of this ongoing debate on what to do with the term. This paper is meant to serve as an educational and informative piece made to highlight the corruption within the differing sides of this debate, and why there should ultimately be an overhaul of the term ‘race’ with some very specific conditions that would have to be met. Those conditions would be meant to
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