The Work And Social Work

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1. By participating in this whole CARES program, I have learned a lot about myself. I know that I want to help people out as a profession, but never truly sure what I was going to major in. Social work was always a possibility, since I love helping people out. However, after taking part in this experience, I learned that the combination of legal work and social work was not a line of work that I am interested in. Another aspect that I took away from this assignment was that this profession is rewarding at times, but it’s also exhausting. I knew it was never going to be easy advocating for these clients, but I had no idea how much work truly went into fighting for someone’s deserved benefits. It wasn’t a shock to why the DPSS office…show more content…
Eventually, we got our break and were able to help out about five other clients. 2. There were so many different skills that were involved when working with our clients. Many of the skills we used were considered basic ones that people should have. For example, we practiced our listening skills. Having the ability to listen to someone is like finding gold. It’s hard to help the client out, if the advocate is not being attentive/listening to them. Another skill that is very useful and that goes hand in hand with listening is being able to be patient with the client/participants. Two times in the DPSS office, I caught myself wanting to stop the client from giving me more information. The two clients, we helped were giving us information that didn’t line up with the evidence we had from their case/paperwork. My partner and I had one long case that went on for at least an hour or longer from start to finish. This client is a 64 year old African American women. Her name is Regina Armstrong. When we first approached her, she didn’t hesitate to ask us questions about her application. Kasey and I asked several questions regarding what she needed help with. Regina needed help figuring out why she wasn’t receiving money into her account. There were several loops that we had to jump through in order to get to the bottom of this issue. While working through this case many other problems kept coming to light. Eventually, Regina saw a worker and had Kasey go in with her to
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