The Work Atmosphere At Target

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The work atmosphere at Target is wonderful. My old co-workers are the nicest people ever, even the costumers would comment on that. Yet I hated working there. The reason I hated working at Target was because as a cashier I had to sell the Red Card to everyone. When I got the job, I did not expect that I would have to sell this piece of plastic. Target expected me to be a salesperson. I could never sell the Red Card, even though I told every costumer my sales pitch. In the two months I worked at Target, I was only able to sell two; one of those was to my mother. My supervisors kept pushing me to sell more. Everyone I approached either had one or hated it. Being unable to sell them stressed me out. That stress started to come…show more content…
I thought this job would be so much better job than Target. I let her know I was interested and quickly applied for the job. Because I needed to save money, I decided to wait to quit Target until I got another job. Right before school started, I went to check the schedule to see what my future shifts were. I found out they had scheduled me for 38 hours in one week. I was furious. I didn’t have the time to work all those hours and go to school. I told Human Resources (HR) about how many hours I was secluded for. She seemed in shock that I would get so many hours, yet all she did for me was put them on the Swap Board. The Swap Board is where you can post shifts you don’t want and someone can pick them up; if no one picks them up are still responsible to work those hours. I began to panic, not knowing how I would be able to go to school, work, and complete my assignments. I was even more furious at Target. I no longer cared about saving money. I decided to quit Target. To add to my stress, I could only quit to HR. However, the HR team wasn’t working for the next three days. Finally, Ten minutes before my next shift, I proceeded to HR and put in my two-week notice. During my shift I felt less agitated. I was so excited that I was done at Target. I didn’t care if my supervisors hounded me about not selling enough Red Cards. During my break, I got a call saying I got the teacher’s aide job. I was shocked that
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