The Work Atmosphere Of The Surgeons

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Abstract Today surgeons are facing a challenge that the art of communication skills are playing a more and more important roles in success of the hospitalized patient care. When talking about communication skills in surgeon culture, it could be either the communication between doctors and doctors, doctors and patients or even doctors to patient 's relatives. As a 21st century surgeon, one should be able to dealing with all the above situations well in order to become a successful surgeon. This paper briefly discuss the working atmosphere of the surgeons and focus specially in details on the communication issue that a surgeon may encounter during its daily working hour and provide several ways through which contemporary surgeons solve…show more content…
The overall treatment effect is outstanding and changes the patient 's life entirely. If the patient refuses to participate in such treatment then the patients will have to take many different medicines everyday and need to be very careful about the kind of food that is being consumed. What 's more, the patient will have to carry certain medicines wherever he or she goes because the patient will experience a life threatening situation such as heart attack at any time. However, if the patient agrees to go through the surgery, he or she will not worry about any situation mentioned above. Therefore one can tell what a drastic contrast between these two methods, surgery and non-surgery could cause. But knowing the truth completely is far less enough for a surgeon, who also needs to persuade his patients to participate in the treatment. There are many reasons that patients refused to participate in those surgeries that may largely benefit them. The most common reason is that they choose not to trust doctors. Therefore, establishing a trust between the patients and the doctors is the first thing to be done. Patients not only obtain information from doctors but also they can extract information from online sources, acquaintances, etc. such that the patients may believe
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