The Work Behavioral Skills Provide Individuals With Specific Organizational Behavior Skills

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➢ Work Behavioral skills provide individuals with specific organizational behavior skills needed that produces the qualities needed to be successful in the workplace. The training incorporates identifying the major personality traits that are relevant to organizational behavior, and how human beings bring in their personality, values, attitudes, perceptions, and other traits to work, and how a person-organization fit is positively related to job satisfaction and commitment. For example, getting along with boss and co-workers, friends at work, dealing with customers, and communication skills like speaking, listening, and using the telephone. These programs also focus on employers’ expectations on job performance, organizational citizenship, absenteeism, and turnover; primarily what factors have the strongest influence over work behaviors. For instance romance in the office, crime in the workplace, discrimination, sexual harassment, quitting, getting fired or laid off, and promotions and raises. ➢ Occupational skills training provide individuals with the specific skills needed for a particular occupation. Employers are involved in the development of curricula, and may agree to interview program graduates and hire the most appropriate. The training incorporates basic education and soft skills development to meet the needs of the target job market. Programs may include intensive “English-for-Employment” training, but these programs will not include services unconnected to
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