The Work Day And Night

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This was real life. Peter had no clue what to do at this point. Peter finished the work day pondering about what happened at that house. He wondered about it for the next few days. Day and night. It was now a Saturday, and it had been three days since the “incident”. Peter decided to go back to the spooky house. This time not to deliver pizza, but to find out the truth. He just had questions for his father, if it even was his father. As Peter cautiously knocked on the black and gold door, he listened as the same deep voice, said the same response, “one second!” He got chills, that ran throughout his entire body, but felt hot like the feeling Peter had felt many years ago. He feared his father once again. Wondering what would happen at the very second when his father opens the doors. He had felt a feeling of fear, like the one he would get when his dad came home drunk. The one similar he used to feel. The one Peter has not felt ever again, until this very moment. As his father answered the door, Peter, questioned, “Dad?! Is that you?” His father took a small step outside the doorway, and closed the door until there was about one inch remaining. He quickly recognized who it was with as mouth dropped, and whispered under his breath “ oh my god”, pausing for a moment. Then he replied,“ I am deeply sorry I have been gone for quite a while. Come inside, I have a lot of explaining to do.” Peter took a deep breath, a big stare straight at his father for a few seconds, a couple,
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