The Work Environment At A Large Community Hospital

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Background Statement
The work environment at a large community hospital is unfavorable. Recent change in senior management is producing much anxiety and uncertainty among the nursing staff. Nursing staff perceives they are required to work with limited resources. For the past two years, wages and benefits have not increased for the nursing staff. Presently, there is a national nursing shortage. As a result, the nurses feel overworked and underpaid. Also, their work efforts go unappreciated and unrecognized.
A small group of nurses take matters into their own hands because they feel senior management is ignoring their grievances. The small group assembles daily during lunch to discuss issues and devise a scheme. They decide to resort to
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For instance, management has not communicated effectively the need for the change in hospital’s senior management; therefore, the nursing staff experienced uncertainty and anxiety. Nurses are not conveying messages effectively to management, either. The nurses feel overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, and snubbed, even though they have expressed these concerns to management. Because senior management has not taken action to resolve present issues, a small group of nurses feel their concerns are not taken seriously. Such practices are a threat to building trustful working interpersonal relationships. When developing interpersonal relations in the workplace it is important to cultivate relationships based on trust, commitment or loyalty.
A secondary problem is the nurses’ poor perception of hospital leadership. The nurses view management as incompetent as well as uncongenial. Also, the nurses are undermining hospital’s leadership by trying to manipulate management’s behavior through forming small groups of disgruntled employees. These tactics do not positively affect management, but adversely affect management. As a result, the hospital now has a union presence.
Another secondary problem is that the nursing staff does not feel valued, which could affect their ability to clearly interpret conveyed messages from management. Effective communication requires “a good relationship
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