The Work For The Government Essay

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1.The author gives many reasons as to “why” work for the government. Choose 5 reasons given and explain what they are and whether or not they appeal to you. (3 pts) Here are five of the reasons the author gives for working in the government. Stable employment. This is one of the major perks of working for the government, mostly for the federal government. Government employees keep their jobs in many occasions until is their time for retirement. Even though is not something that happens to everybody, in cases where the government has reductions in personnel or change in departments their employees may go find a job in another agency or department. As many government employees that I know would say. “there’s nothing like knowing that your paycheck will be there every 1st and 15th of the month. Pay and benefits. As mention in the book, the pay government employees get is usually less than the one for employees in the private industry. Mostly in the management level, but the benefits given by the government are what makes up for the gap in payment. When taking the benefits under consideration, the government employee may earn more than people in the private sector. I used to be in the military and the pay was not that great, but the benefits make so much for it. If I ever consider working for the government, benefits would be one of the biggest factors for making that decision. Variety of Career Opportunities. There are many different agencies in the government, and the
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