The Work Life Balance : An Integral Part Of The Human Resource Department Essay

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Over the years, achieving work-life balance has become an integral part of the human resource department in most companies. The work life balance phenomenon has risen due to the various economic, demographical, and cultural changes that have led to the rise in more women integration in the workplace, a number of couples working away from home, technological advancements, and the overriding need among many employees to have more flexibility at work. Such social and economic changes have subsequently led to the need for the companies to get involved in the family and individual issues of the employees. The concept of Work-life balance refers to the concerted efforts by employees to allocate their time and energy between their work in the company and other vital spheres of their lives to achieve harmony in both. Work-life balance involves the daily efforts to make time out of the busy work life for family, friends, community involvement, self-care, spirituality, and other personal growths. Companies that value the overall health of their employees help them to strike the work-life balance by instituting procedures, policies, actions, and expectations that enable the employees to attain a balanced work-life lifestyle easily. Striking the work-life balance leads to stress reduction among employees because if they spend too much time daily on work related activities they end up neglecting other equally important aspect of life, which makes them susceptible to stress and work burn
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