The Work Of A Mercenary

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The job of a mercenary, fighting a war or performing some sort of military duty, for pay, without nationalist allegiance, has been a job “...since the dawn of warfare, from Xenophon 's ‘ten thousand’ Greeks hired to fight in Persia to the Swiss Guards who protect the Vatican today (Blood and Treasure). Simply put, Mercenaries are nothing new. However only in the last 60 or so years has a new, modern form of mercenary work come into practice. Modern mercenaries today often function in the form of a Private Military Corporation or PMC. These are corporations that train and deploy often elite fighting forces to fulfill contracts paid for by various clients, most of the time governments. These corporations are rather controversial for a number…show more content…
After successfully using Private Military Companies in Vietnam, the United States continued their use, doling out contracts to corporations during the later Cold War Era. During this time many United State PMCs were tied to “tasks ‘too dirty’ for the U.S. government. (Avant)” The use of private military companies has continued ever since and has only grown in scale. Other than the size of the Industry, not much has changed in PMCs. They still receive funding mainly from their clients, who are often national governments, and from their investors if they are publicly held corporations. In terms of the size of the market, the PMC market was expected to grow in net revenue from $55.6 billion to $202 billion between the years of 1990 and 2010. These predictions had merit especially in the 90s when the stock value of public PMCs grew two times faster than the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Avant).
Since their inception private military companies have claimed to provide services of elite and precise military force for nations and organizations; these organizations claim that they are better suited for the job than a military and they do not shy away from the fact that they are motivated entirely by money. Erik Prince comes to the defence of PMCs, as he is the founder and CEO of perhaps the best known PMC in the world, Blackwater. He says on the matter of
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