The Work Of A Working Day Essay

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“The typical working day is seven to eight hours. It’s usually eight,” Esme said, as she and Bella walked to the vineyard. “This includes some daily chores as well. You will mainly be picking grapes, but there is also work that can be done on the farm as well.” “Okay,” Bella said trying to keep up with everything. “Some people who work here are with WWOOF. Have you heard of it?” “Yes,” Bella answered. “When I was doing my research on where to go, I came across some information about it.” “After work most of the vendangeurs go to pubs in town or sometimes we meet up for wine in the wine cellar. Grapes are harvested in September so you have arrived close to the end of harvest but there is still some to do. After that, there are other things you can help with.” When they arrived Bella was given a pair of plastic gloves, hedge cutters and a backbasket. Vendangeurs usually formed groups of two when picking and Bella was paired with Michael, a young Englishman around her age. “Okay, so we’re supposed to stand on either side of the grape tree,” he explained. “This is for symmetry purposes. The way we will move down the rows is actually quite beautiful.” “Sounds great!” “You have to cut the grape head delicately.” He demonstrated on the nearby tree for her. “Then, if there are dead parts, scrape them of and save what is left. Put the grapes in your basket and then at the end of the day some will be dumped into the trucks that are filled with ice.” By the end of the day, Bella

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