The Work Of Art : Ethical Values And Figures

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Remember to trim and correct words like monumentalized Look through to shorten paragraphs and eliminate reptitive points and sentences The history that children are taught in school is filled with idols that continue to bring recognition even out of the oldest, Dementia-ridden men. History is little different from a movie or book, filled with characters that bring out feelings that can vary from a feeling of pure rage to one of thankfulness, that inspire a child living in poverty to work their way up to the top and remind the common person of their ethical values; one will often find identification within the figures that have shaped the community that they live in whether it be via relatibility or the influential voice of long dead…show more content…
Monuments hold a certain economic significance. Like anything else in a capitalist economy, much of their importance comes from consumer interest. Much like a television show or film, if it doesn't generate enough attention, it should be dropped; and this becomes far more crucial when for monuments, where the permanenance of them is far more relevant to the discussion as they can't simply be cancelled like most of Seth Mcfarlane's experimental attempts at comedy. To build up a valid argument for building a monument, evidence of the importance to the community should be taken into account before anything else unless you want to waste a budget for something that won't get more than a couple of wandering eyes and be an utter waste of materials and money. The other factors that need to be taken into account are the controversy surrounding the monument, which can be a positive or a negative depending on how you view it. Controversy generates interest, and interest generates profit, and if the person pursuing the creation of the monument doesn't mind the possibility of it being disrespected, it's feasible from an economic standpoint that one could purposely create a monument to engage media relevance due to the controversy. An example of a monument (or, in this case, memorial) that became relevant due to it's controversy is

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