The Work Of Brenda Weber Essay

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Continuing with the work of Brenda Weber, she highlights one other large factor in which can help stray from the banking model of education and thus makes students feel included and interested in participating. Weber states that when designing a course she “(f)irst, I built on my strengths. . . (s)econd, I listened to them (students)” (Weber, 135/136); these steps seem easy enough, yet in my experience as a student and as a teacher, I have hardly witnessed such an occasion. I would hypothesize that is because the larger institution wants to see a final syllabus by, I believe, the end of the first week it does not allow instructors ample time to adjust for student input. As Weber describes her experience she not only emphasizes an easy strategy to create a feminist classroom, but she also demonstrates a painless tactic that easily allows for creating a strong connection/bond with students; by asking for input and allowing students to act as experts in specific areas, it opens for a greater discourse and comfort in the classroom. When I began to visualize how I could incorporate a feminist pedagogy in my classroom I was nervous about the idea of how to empower my students. Personally, I find it exhilarating to be in a classroom setting with a professor who empowers you to be your best and drives you to change the world, but I have little idea of how I can become one of those professors. This is a gap in my pedagogy where I turn toward other feminist writings by Amy Rust and
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