The Work Of Eden Sustainable Ltd Which Offers Free Domestic Biomass Boilers And Other Finance Options For Solar And

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The work placement took place at Eden sustainable Ltd which offers free domestic biomass boilers and other finance options for solar and commercial biomass. The placement was located In Woolacombe, Devon and took place over two weeks during July and August 2016. A total of forty hours were logged over this time period with two days off over the weekend. Plate 1 shows the small office located in Woolacombe where the work placement took place and where Director Scott Burrows mainly operates from. Plate 1. Eden Sustainable Office, Woolacombe Eden Sustainable both fund and implement solar photovoltaic systems and biomass boilers on land owned by both their domestic and commercial customers. This relationship allows the customer to benefit…show more content…
These SPV’s also serve to create joint ventures between other individuals who are responsible for running them. Figure 1 shows the company structure and how each branch of the business is connected. This layout also allows contractors to deal directly with the SPV responsible for the work and allows the financial accounts to be more easily disseminated and controlled throughout the year. Table 1 shows the members of company, which branch of the company they are associated with and their position within it. Alex Goodall is the director of Eden Infrastructure which deals solely with blue chip companies and is not involved in any other aspect of the company. Blue chip companies represent a higher value investment to the company and can potentially increase profits drastically and for this reason this SPV has its own director. Eden Biomass also has its own director because this field is very specialised and Simon Boorer has expertise in biomass solutions so Eden Sustainable can broaden its products. This joint venture allows clients to have the knowledge and experience in the field and the capital and business acumen brought by Scott and Stephen. Amped Investments is run by Eden Sustainable and is solely responsible for the financial aspects of the government backed Feed-in Tariff which is a government programme designed to promote the uptake of small-scale renewable and
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