The Work Of Ida Fink

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The work of Ida Fink, in The Key Game, appeals to the sense of ethos or the sense of right and wrong. Through on family, the narrator is describing what is going on to the Jewish population around him after they make a decision, during the period of Nazis looking and capturing anybody that they believe is Jewish. He is also describing what some people in this story have to do in order to not be caught by the German soldiers. Some of the decisions the people in the story may have to make could go against their sense of right and wrong, yet they’re still doing them, even if their decisions to use somebody based on their looks or to teach a child to lie for a distraction is causing them stress. It seems that the father in the story is Jewish, so the Nazis are looking for him and his family. Though it seems that the parents of this three-year-old child are taking into account that he doesn’t look “Jewish” and that he has “blue eyes and chubby cheeks” (35) because the Nazis believed that Jewish people had a certain physical feature to them that made them stand out from the non-Jewish population. This narrator is describing what the Nazis thought to be the perfect race. So his parents were going to use the fact that the Nazis wouldn’t think he’s Jewish because he didn’t “look the part”. His parents know that using his “non-Jewish” looks to their advantage goes against what’s morally right but they’re still using him for protection. His parents are also using him to distract

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