The Work Of Indi A Project Outline For The Future

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their work to India, so teams need to create other areas of focus to surpass the competition. Lately, we have spent a lot of time and money hiring direct relationship managers here in the country to help provide information through face-to-face conversations with the clients. Annual labor costs have dropped substantially thanks to a better breakdown of time spent on certain projects and an increased awareness of variable costs around the company. The relationship managers meet with clients to create a project outline for the future. If the client requires 3 new projects within the next 4 months, the managers discuss the timelines with our analysts, and a full annual labor cost is determined. We then charge the client an appropriate amount…show more content…
We recently hired a resource in California to maintain the U.S. policies, but that has not worked well, either. The teams in India are hired right from school and are treated as 1-2 year assets. Managers know the analysts will only be there for a short period of time, but they do not care at all. In India, there is always a line of analysts with a Master’s Degree waiting outside the door looking for work in this industry. In today’s world, human resource management has become just as important as product development and sales. Job sites, such a Glassdoor, give current and potential employees a look beyond the outside walls. If there are issues, people will see them and look elsewhere. Hiring and training is extremely expensive, so a little increase in employee relations can go a long way towards financial stability. A human resource team will also fix meeting issues. Every two weeks, the U.S. employees are supposed to meet on a conference call to discuss projects, but that rarely occurs. Even though meetings are planned every other week, we only meet about once a quarter because our managers either cancel the meeting or miss it altogether. There are no agendas and ideas take place on a whim. A team that has experience in this area can create a collaboration session, so projects and questions

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