The Work Of Louis Pasteur

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In the midst of the Industrial Revolution, one man provided the clarity needed to understand the behavior of microbes and applied those principles to improve peoples’ daily lives. This man, Louis Pasteur, was from a poor family, and he was not expected to do anything significant in his life. Nevertheless, he succeeded in his medical investigations and continued to pursue answers to his questions, despite objections given to him by his peers. The timeless work of Louis Pasteur in the areas of chemistry and microbiology provided the necessary foundation for the scientific study of immunology and stressed the importance of possessing a thorough understanding of the procedures involved in medical treatment.
On December 27, 1822, Louis Pasteur was born to a family of leather tanners (Lamont, Cohn). As a child, Pasteur showed no scientific potential whatsoever (Cohn). However, he did have a talent for art, and it is possible that this particular interest could have influenced his appreciation for detail in his later years (Lamont). Many of his teachers suggested that he follow in his father’s footsteps. As time progressed, Pasteur developed an interest in the field of science. Starting from this point in his life, Pasteur demonstrated the characteristic of rising above his expectations. Even though he was the son of a leather tanner, Pasteur did not give up and live a simple life. Through many strenuous years of hard work supplemented with encouragement from his father,…

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