The Work Of The Calvin Klein Company

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The Calvin Klein company has been trapped into a crisis in 2015 after the Annual Academy Award ceremony because of a stolen dress full of fake pearls it designed. The public felt betrayed by the organization because they have been noticed that the pearls were precious and priceless from the previous news. This crisis largely influences the organization’s reputation in a negative way in the next few days. In this case, the TMZ company plays an essential role in this crisis as a primary stakeholder, because it is the celebrity news website company which firstly received the information and reported it to the public. I. Case Study Situation In February 22rd, 2015, the famous movie star Lupita Nyong 'o showed on Oscars’ red carpet in an all-over pearl confection which was provided by the Calvin Klein Company. According to the news, this dress worth about 150,000 US dollars because there are 6,000 pricey pearls on it. ("Lupita Nyong’O 's Stolen $150K Oscar Dress Had Fake Pearls" 2016) However, someone stole it from Lupita’s hotel room on the night of February 24th. More ironically, two days later, the thief contacted news website TMZ to alert the public that he had returned the dress back because he tried to sold the pearls from the dress but ended up with finding out that the they are fake. He put it into a garbage bag and told the TMZ website that he returned it because he wants the entire world to see this “Hollywood 's fake bulls--t.” ("Lupita Nyong 'o 's Stolen Oscars Dress
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