The Work and Life of Stephen Edward Robertson

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Background & Experience Stephen Edward Robertson is British famous information and computer scientist. He was born on 6 April 1946 in London and is the son of the well-known British scholar, Professor Charles Martin Robertson. His research and work basically involving information retrieval field of study where he had won a few academic awards. He completed his undergraduate studies with degree in mathematics at Cambridge University in 1967 and a year later he got his Masters of Science in City University, London. After his Master's degree, he works for the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux (ASLIB) while continuing his PHD in University College London (UCL). Stephen started his academic profession in 1978 after finishing his PHD by working as a Professor in the Department of Information Science, City University from 1978 until 1998. Stephen actively involved in research on information retrieval’s theory and practice. In 1998, Stephen joins Microsoft Research while still working as part-time professor where he involves in Microsoft search engine research. His work contribution mostly to the Microsoft search engine, MSN or now known as Bing! Stephen decided to retired from Microsoft Research Laboratory in Cambridge in 2013 while still took on a the role, as a visiting Professor in University College London (UCL) where he still continues working until now since 2008. As a researcher at the Microsoft Research Laboratory in Cambridge, Stephen spent 15
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